My name is Juan Pedraza, I’m a 25 year old Mexican game developer really committed to create the best content for gamers out there. I create my own 3D environments for my games, having experience of 4 years in 3D modelling with 3ds Max and Blender and experience on texture work with Photoshop and GIMP for 6 years.

So far, I’ve been working completely alone in all of my projects, as it was briefly mentioned above. I do everything, from concept art, to level design, 3D modelling and basic animation, textures, programming of scripts for the mechanics of the game, marketing, and more.

Although i work alone, I’m a good team player, I’m someone who is really passionate on gaming and development and someone who is always willing to learn more. I like to listen to others feedback and I like helping fellow developers giving them advice, help with technical stuff and ideas for their own games. I have the high hopes of being able to work in what i love, a game company where i can further develop my abilities and work along with other developers who share my passion for games.

I have two videogame titles in the App Store and Google Play. My tool to work on my games is Unity, I have 2 years of experience but my first official announces and releases were until this year.

I will also soon have two more game titles available, this time for PC on Steam.

The name of all my main projects are Derelict, Jumping Simulator, Prelude & Paradise Lost, and you can find more information about each one of them on the tabs on the top of the page.

Here’s a little mashup gallery too for you to enjoy:


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