This is a SciFi First Person Shooter game for both iOS & Android (Android version currently offline due to update I’m working on… 10/11/2017).

This game is all about an Special Operation specialist sent to a gigantic space station that got lost for over 20 years but was recently found, many soldier squads were previously sent to get intel about what happened to the station but all teams went missing.

This is an old video recorded with an outdated version of the game, this shows a bit more of the story behind the game:

The game has an amazing Survival Mode where you can pick one of the 6 maps that has available and the objective is to survive as many waves of enemies as possible, with a pause of a few seconds in-between to get more ammo and health.

The game is supposed to have a Campaign Mode and Multiplayer as well as more enemies but due to the lack of interest and feedback over the last year I decided to put the game on hold, pausing all my work on it to work on my other, much better projects that will soon be available for PC on Steam.

The game is fully functional however, with many cool features like Aim Assist, Pause Menu that allows you to change the graphics quality settings, turn speed and smoothness, volume and more. You have access to three weapons, a rifle, an sniper rifle and a plasma cannon.

This is the last video Devlog I made of the game, it doesn’t show some of the features shown above since I added them at a later date but it should give a better idea of the gameplay of Survival Mode:


Now, without further ado, allow me to show you the download links as well as a gallery of photos from the game itself. The game has a price of $0.99usd, this helps me keep working on what I love.

App Store:

Google Play (Temporarily unavailable due to a bug related to long loads reported on some devices, this because of an update in Unity):


Photo Gallery