Paradise Lost

Paradise Lost is a First Person Survival SciFi Horror Game. The game revolves around a very peculiar kind of horror called Cosmic Horror, making the player feel the fear of the unknown and unfathomable and struggling to survive in situations you may call hopeless. The player will be able to make use of guns, however, that will not be the main focus, guns won’t be enough to deal with the enemies I have in store. You have to use your wits and take decisions in order to make it through.

I know there are many survival horror games out there, but I have the hope that the beautiful but at the same time frightening atmosphere combined with the enemies will allow this game to be one of the scariest games you are gonna play.

The game has support for Windows/Mac through Steam (soon for Linux as well).

The story takes place on a planet which name is still classified, a week prior to the events of the game a scientific research team went missing on that planet, they were studying the flora, fauna and vestiges of an ancient civilization that disappeared thousands of years ago without leaving a trace. Although the planet looks lush and full of life, it’s pretty much devoid of sentient beings and animals. Exploration droids were sent to the last place the scientific team was seen to unravel the mysterious event. The footage seen in these videos (including the one in the trailer) are from one of these droids.

Nothing but some equipment and traces of blood were found, the team is gone and most likely dead, their ship is in no better shape either, having crashed nearby, making potential escape impossible, close analysis to the ship shows no external damage, discarding the possibility of getting attacked by known enemies, however, a very interesting discovery was made when reaching the ship.

A mysterious dome-like structure is found by the exploration android, on closer inspection it seems to have a very peculiar energy signature. there’s no way the long dead civilization was responsible for building this… thing. It looks organic, something completely different from what the temples nearby are. A distress beacon is detected but before it can be analyzed the droid’s signal gets attacked by an unknown force.

Fleeing from the area the droid finds more unsettling structures leading different areas of the planet.

Eventually reaching an area with clear human activity but no traces of them to be found. except for a very unsettling machine from which what appears to be blood is pouring out… eventually this droid meet it’s demise at the hands of an unknown life form.

You play as the leader of the eight man special operation team sent to deal with the situation at hand, you will fight along with them and make your way through many obstacles and horrors to get to your objective, which is locate and secure the potential survivors from the research group.

These characters will support you in many ways, but they can also get killed at any point if you are not careful, making your journey more challenging if they die early.

They are eager to fight but they are also there to support you, give you health, ammo and intel about enemies or terrain in dire situations, so take good care of them.

Just like with Prelude, this game is on Steam, Here’s the link to the Steam Page:

And here is a photo gallery showing more content for the game: